The Trainers

Tim Horn

From dynamic teaching at every level to innovative workshops for businesses and organizations, to advanced education and one-on-one support utilizing hypnotherapy, Tim Horn of Hypnoconsult in Manassas, VA applies the mind sciences to help people overcome challenges and reach goals – even ones they thought unattainable. Tim teaches clients in Northern Virginia and throughout the world to maximize the potential of the mind, to live with fewer barriers and to help children do the same, improving their education while enhancing the experience of parental involvement.

Tim’s extensive education and experience in teaching, hypnotherapy, the arts and entrepreneurship provide him with powerful and unique tools to help others overcome challenges, break through barriers and reach goals they never thought possible.

The only National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Board Certified and Certified Instructor in Prince William County, Tim was a public school teacher for twenty years. Active in fundraising and advocating educational reform, Tim was well-known for his commitment to his students and to the greater good of children in his classrooms and the larger community. After retiring, Tim continued to exercise his passion for teaching, this time as a solopreneur, educator, trainer, speaker, writer and hypnotherapist.

Tim teaches seminars in team building, drug and alcohol awareness and emotional intelligence at business sites to improve company productivity and environment. He facilitates workshops in building positive momentum, achieving success, goal reaching, overcoming challenges, increasing sales and revenue, increasing membership, and more. While Tim’s articles have appeared in a number of journals, newspapers and other publications, his first book, The Success Magnet, was published in 2018.

Tim completed the Ph.D. program ABD at The University of Georgia, specializing in literary analysis and theatre. His Masters from SUNY Binghamton focuses on educational theater and acting methods.

Greg Beckett

Motivational Hypnotist

Greg is a Motivational Hypnotist who assists everyday people to get “unstuck” from difficult life situations and to step out of the common ruts that can afflict us all. In his work, Greg places a major emphasis on helping clients from all walks of life to see themselves more clearly and to find effective ways to move forward with their personal and professional goals.

Using the tools of hypnosis, intuition, brainstorming, problem-solving, and one-to-one dialogue, Greg masterfully works with clients to discover creative alternatives and innovative solutions to reignite hope and generate new possibilities for personal transformation.

Extensive Industry Experience

Beyond his experience as a hypnotherapist, Greg also has 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, advertising, media research, and data sales. As a Vice President in Media Research, he assisted companies such as,, and, before moving on to entrepreneurship, developing a unique gourmet dessert company from a family recipe.

Knowledge of the entertainment and corporate worlds has given Greg insight into the day-to-day issues that cause stress and other related difficulties in the lives of sales executives, actors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, writers, and many others.

A Spirit of Service

The one thread that has remained constant throughout all of his professional incarnations has been the spirit of helping others. Through his open and accepting approach, Greg effectively assists clients of all ages to move through difficult moments of personal transitions associated with job or relationship changes or the releasing of old fears and historic challenges.